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Monday, May 15, 2006

Immigration - It's a Shinny Thingy.

It's been the mantra - BushCo will protect us. - 4 years of flogging the security whip, keeping a level of fear present in the country at all times. But it's really all a continuing political campaign to maintain power - all issues focused on the continuation of republican power. Real world issues, revelations of corruption and lies arise and fade away because BushCo drives the media agenda. It's all about pushing the issues that perk the ears of average Americans.

This time it's Immigration that's being trotted out. It's a tactic to bring out their biased base. We've seen it with same sex marriage, Stem Cell research, abortion and other hot button issues. These smaller "hot" issues are wrapped deep beneath the flag of security.

The absence of, the actual ignoring of, border security was the something that always bothered me - hit me as odd. Why, if they were in control, had all the power and security was their mantra, why didn't they do something about the borders before this? If America was truly vulnerable they would have done something right away. But why didn't the issue come up? Why didn't BushCo address it and show America, in a tangible way, they were strong on security? It could be because of the "Big Business" interests involved in the issue, but a better explanation fits the Rovian Political MO a bit better.

The immigration issue was kept purposely in their back pocket. It's the perfect election year distraction issue. Not only does it deal with an issue that riles up their biased base but also touches, nay, embraces the "security" mantra. Think about it. If the immigration issue wasn't swirling around, what would the headlines be? Iraq... Rove... Darfur... Iran... but no, the main issue is immigration and everyone has an opinion - a deep emotional opinion.