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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


We all knew this was where it was going - greymail it's the defense focus and Libby's only hope. Greymail the Fitz into dropping the case.

To refresh his mind, as it "turns in clusters", Scooter asks for classified documents that, if released, would damage national security.

The government , "because their roots connect them" to national security, could be forced to drop the case - and do so for a variety of national security reasons.

Like this one...

CIA says Libby defense could disrupt intelligence

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The
CIA would have a hard time advising President George W. Bush on security threats if a judge forced it to provide material sought by a former vice presidential aide accused of perjury, the agency said in a court filing made public on Tuesday.

CIA officials would need up to nine months to dig up classified information sought by Lewis "Scooter" Libby as part of his defense against perjury charges, the CIA said.

"The job would divert their precious time and effort away from their primary task: preparing breaking intelligence for the president's immediate attention," CIA information review officer Marilyn Dorn wrote.

Not that the President pays any attention to those intelligence briefings...

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