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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Freedom To Turkey - Mission accomplished!

This past week President Bush put an end to terrorism by bringing freedom to a pair of Meleagris gallopavos who, without being charged with a crime, had been held for almost 2 years while they awaited their inevitable bloodletting.

Bring freedom to turkey?
Mission accomplished! (Ny Daily News)

In an act of clemency Guantanamo prisoners can only dream of, Dubya yesterday freed two gobblers from the food chain and sent them off to Disneyland.


The President peered into Marshmallow's eyes and stroked the bird's fluffy white feathers with a tenderness usually reserved for members of the Saudi royal family.

During Bush's turkey lovefest Dick Cheney's secert weakness was revealed.

The NY Times reports - "After the bird had settled down, Mr. Bush cautiously stroked its white feathers, patted its head and invited a group of schoolchildren to the stage to do the same. Mr. Cheney, who has never been known as a lively campaigner, hung back in a corner of the stage and approached neither the turkey nor the children."

Ah... Dick is terrified of birds and small children.