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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Free Speech... Not a Chance...Kiss it Goodbye.

I wake up today, the day of the election and go outside and what do I find? My sign for Democratic Mayoral candidate Donna Frye is missing. Across the street is the polling place, in the same place it's been in the past - including the Kerry v. Bush election . We have always put up signs and we have checked with the powers that be and they've said we could. So I ask "Hey who took my sign". A big fat white Poll worker says "your neighbor took it down". What? So I see my neighbor leaving for work (note that he's a republican) . He says " I took it down because the poll worker said it had to come down, it was too close to Polls, so I threw in my backyard" and he drives off. ... stunned I yell "YOU CAN"T DO THAT" ... I go over to the Polls and the worker says "we never told him to take it down"...What I say??? Someone is a liar here...later the Poll worker admits to my other neighbor (who is a democrat and is equally pissed) that he did indeed say the sign needed to come down and did tell the other neighbor to take it down. At this point I'm irate. Why didn't anyone come and knock on my door? Couldn't have someone come by and politely said that they believed my sign was too close and would need to be moved? I would have moved it...But no one even bothered to asked me.

Funny thing, in the last presidential election my neighbors had Bush signs all over the place. Funny how the poll workers didn't have those taken down. So, I go over to the polling place and express my displeasure with the situation and another fat white guy in a suit tells me that he's going to have me arrested for disrupting a polling place and he's a witness to it. My Democratic neighbor is there and he says he's a witness to the fat guy harassing me. I'm livid at this point... hell I'm still pissed right now. So the Fat Bastard goes back to the polls and makes some kind of complaint... right now I'm waiting for the police to show up and haul me away...haul me away for them not allowing my freedom of speech.

There are 2 points here that are very troubling. First the gall of the both the poll worker and my repugnic neighbor who think they can unilaterally act to take away my freedom of speech and the second, which is much more chilling, that the Government can create a No Speech Zone by arbitrarily plopping a polling place in front of your house. We never have been consulted about the placement of the Polls. Whatever happened to voting in a public place like a school or the post office? Think about it... what if I had painted my house with political slogans... would they make me take down my house? What about the bumper stickers that all these people who come to vote have on their cars? They are certainly too close. What about signs in my window? What if they consider those too close? According to the Mr. fatassed poll worker they would be. Will they break into my house to remove them? I don't expect them to ask me to remove them... they didn't this morning. Why is it that my neighbors, a few houses down, have different free speech rights than I do?

So I sit here and wait to be hauled off to the pokey for believing that the first amendment means something.

UPDATE: My Democrat neighbor calls registrar of voters and says she is scared to vote because she feels uncomfortable with the poll worker (the fatassed one that is) who was harassing me and her husband, so the registrar says they'll send someone down. I go and walk the dog - he had to pee ya see. Back at 2:30pm and no cops, and the Poll workers appear to have caved - from across the street one Poll worker says "we are so sorry for the misunderstanding that we had this you want a donut?" "No" I reply then the Fatassed Poll worker says it was all his fault.

Hmmm did some poll workers get slapped down and told what was what? I'd say so.

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