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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Freedom To Turkey - Mission accomplished!

This past week President Bush put an end to terrorism by bringing freedom to a pair of Meleagris gallopavos who, without being charged with a crime, had been held for almost 2 years while they awaited their inevitable bloodletting.

Bring freedom to turkey?
Mission accomplished! (Ny Daily News)

In an act of clemency Guantanamo prisoners can only dream of, Dubya yesterday freed two gobblers from the food chain and sent them off to Disneyland.


The President peered into Marshmallow's eyes and stroked the bird's fluffy white feathers with a tenderness usually reserved for members of the Saudi royal family.

During Bush's turkey lovefest Dick Cheney's secert weakness was revealed.

The NY Times reports - "After the bird had settled down, Mr. Bush cautiously stroked its white feathers, patted its head and invited a group of schoolchildren to the stage to do the same. Mr. Cheney, who has never been known as a lively campaigner, hung back in a corner of the stage and approached neither the turkey nor the children."

Ah... Dick is terrified of birds and small children.


Saturday, November 19, 2005



With that first blow on the elbow the nightmare had started. Later he was to realize that all that then happened was merely a preliminary, a routine interrogation to which nearly all prisoners were subjected. There was a long range of crimes -- espionage, sabotage, and the like -- to which everyone had to confess as a matter of course. The confession was a formality, though the torture was real. How many times he had been beaten, how long the beatings had continued, he could not remember.1984 - Orwell

Breaking chemical lights and pouring the phosphoric liquid on detainees; pouring cold water on naked detainees; beating detainees with a broom handle and a chair; threatening male detainees with rape; allowing a military police guard to stitch the wound of a detainee who was injured after being slammed against the wall in his cell; sodomizing a detainee with a chemical light and perhaps a broom stick, and using military working dogs to frighten and intimidate detainees with threats of attack, and in one instance actually biting a detainee. 2004 Taguba Report

He became simply a mouth that uttered, a hand that signed, whatever was demanded of him. His sole concern was to find out what they wanted him to confess, and then confess it quickly, before the bullying started anew. He confessed to the assassination of eminent Party members, the distribution of seditious pamphlets, embezzlement of public funds, sale of military secrets, sabotage of every kind. He confessed that he had been a spy in the pay of the Eastasian government as far back as 1968. He confessed that he was a religious believer, an admirer of capitalism, and a sexual pervert. He confessed that he had murdered his wife, although he knew, and his questioners must have known, that his wife was still alive. He confessed that for years he had been in personal touch with Goldstein and had been a member of an underground organization which had included almost every human being he had ever known. It was easier to confess everything and implicate everybody. Besides, in a sense it was all true. It was true that he had been the enemy of the Party, and in the eyes of the Party there was no distinction between the thought and the deed. 1984 - Orwell

It's once again time to re-read Orwell.


Sunday, November 13, 2005

It's a Joke right Steven?

Steven Hadley today on Wolf Blitzer said:

The President made his decisions based on intelligence

President - intelligence ... in the same sentence...?

NO matter how ya look at the word "intelligence" here it still makes George a brainless twit...

It's gotta be a joke --- right Steven ?

As Firedoglake Said :"Stephen Hadley is a Big, Fat Dissembling Piece of Shit"

(graphic courtesy The Heretik)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Down the Memory Hole Again....

"With the deep, unconscious sigh which not even the nearness of the telescreen could prevent him from uttering when his day's work started, Winston pulled the speakwrite towards him, blew the dust from its mouthpiece, and put on his spectacles. Then he unrolled and clipped together four small cylinders of paper which had already flopped out of the pneumatic tube on the right-hand side of his desk."(orwell 1984)

Editor and Publisher:
White House Breifing: At the Oct. 31 briefing, David Gregory of NBC News stated the following question to McClellan about White House aides Karl Rove and I. Lewis Libby: "Whether there's a question of legality, we know for a fact that there was involvement. We know that Karl Rove, based on what he and his lawyer have said, did have a conversation about somebody who Patrick Fitzgerald said was a covert officer of the Central Intelligence Agency. We know that Scooter Libby also had conversations."

Two outside news agencies, Congressional Quarterly and Federal News Service - which provide transcripts for a fee -both reported the response as "that's accurate."

A correction was needed...

Winston thought for a moment, then pulled the speakwrite towards him and began dictating in Big Brother's familiar style: a style at once military and pedantic..."(orwell 1984)

WH Transcript Oct. 31 briefing question by David Gregory:
"that's accurate."
WITH "I don’t think that's accurate."

Better, much better.

"As soon as Winston had dealt with each of the messages, he clipped his speakwritten corrections to the appropriate copy of The Times and pushed them into the pneumatic tube. Then, with a movement which was as nearly as possible unconscious, he crumpled up the original message and any notes that he himself had made, and dropped them into the memory hole to be devoured by the flames." (orwell 1984)


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Free Speech... Not a Chance...Kiss it Goodbye.

I wake up today, the day of the election and go outside and what do I find? My sign for Democratic Mayoral candidate Donna Frye is missing. Across the street is the polling place, in the same place it's been in the past - including the Kerry v. Bush election . We have always put up signs and we have checked with the powers that be and they've said we could. So I ask "Hey who took my sign". A big fat white Poll worker says "your neighbor took it down". What? So I see my neighbor leaving for work (note that he's a republican) . He says " I took it down because the poll worker said it had to come down, it was too close to Polls, so I threw in my backyard" and he drives off. ... stunned I yell "YOU CAN"T DO THAT" ... I go over to the Polls and the worker says "we never told him to take it down"...What I say??? Someone is a liar here...later the Poll worker admits to my other neighbor (who is a democrat and is equally pissed) that he did indeed say the sign needed to come down and did tell the other neighbor to take it down. At this point I'm irate. Why didn't anyone come and knock on my door? Couldn't have someone come by and politely said that they believed my sign was too close and would need to be moved? I would have moved it...But no one even bothered to asked me.

Funny thing, in the last presidential election my neighbors had Bush signs all over the place. Funny how the poll workers didn't have those taken down. So, I go over to the polling place and express my displeasure with the situation and another fat white guy in a suit tells me that he's going to have me arrested for disrupting a polling place and he's a witness to it. My Democratic neighbor is there and he says he's a witness to the fat guy harassing me. I'm livid at this point... hell I'm still pissed right now. So the Fat Bastard goes back to the polls and makes some kind of complaint... right now I'm waiting for the police to show up and haul me away...haul me away for them not allowing my freedom of speech.

There are 2 points here that are very troubling. First the gall of the both the poll worker and my repugnic neighbor who think they can unilaterally act to take away my freedom of speech and the second, which is much more chilling, that the Government can create a No Speech Zone by arbitrarily plopping a polling place in front of your house. We never have been consulted about the placement of the Polls. Whatever happened to voting in a public place like a school or the post office? Think about it... what if I had painted my house with political slogans... would they make me take down my house? What about the bumper stickers that all these people who come to vote have on their cars? They are certainly too close. What about signs in my window? What if they consider those too close? According to the Mr. fatassed poll worker they would be. Will they break into my house to remove them? I don't expect them to ask me to remove them... they didn't this morning. Why is it that my neighbors, a few houses down, have different free speech rights than I do?

So I sit here and wait to be hauled off to the pokey for believing that the first amendment means something.

UPDATE: My Democrat neighbor calls registrar of voters and says she is scared to vote because she feels uncomfortable with the poll worker (the fatassed one that is) who was harassing me and her husband, so the registrar says they'll send someone down. I go and walk the dog - he had to pee ya see. Back at 2:30pm and no cops, and the Poll workers appear to have caved - from across the street one Poll worker says "we are so sorry for the misunderstanding that we had this you want a donut?" "No" I reply then the Fatassed Poll worker says it was all his fault.

Hmmm did some poll workers get slapped down and told what was what? I'd say so.

(crossposted at the Liberal Avenger)

Monday, November 07, 2005

WordPress for in Progress!

It's ugly, but it's ours.

I Missed This Last Week - Did You?

Dan Froomkin posts at WhiteHouse Briefing that The Big Dick may have the blood of the tortured on his hands.

Another shocking accusation by former administration insider Lawrence Wilkerson appears to be going under the media radar today.

On NPR yesterday, the former chief of staff to the secretary of state said that he had uncovered a "visible audit trail" tracing the practice of prisoner abuse by U.S. soldiers directly back to Vice President Cheney's office.


"Mr. WILKERSON: I'm privy to the paperwork, both classified and unclassified, that the secretary of State asked me to assemble on how this all got started, what the audit trail was, and when I began to assemble this paperwork, which I no longer have access to, it was clear to me that there was a visible audit trail from the vice president's office through the secretary of Defense down to the commanders in the field that in carefully couched terms

Not To Torture yet to Torture

Bushy wants it both ways....

PANAMA CITY (Reuters) - The United States will do what it takes to protect itself but "we do not torture," President Bush said on Monday in response to criticism of reported secret CIA prisons and the handling of terrorism suspects.

Bush defended his administration's efforts to stop the U.S. Congress from imposing rules on the handling of terrorism suspects.

The Hypocrisy from this Administration is staggering ain't it?


French Newspapers Weigh in on the Social Unrest in France

Via the Liberal Avenger

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | 'France is paying for its arrogance'

Highlights, translated into English by The Guardian.

**((Posted by the Liberal Avenger))**

What the Administration has wrought

This post is for all of us... but particularly for those who support the lies and distortions that led to these images. None of their winger rhetoric changes the ghastly reality that is the War in Iraq. None of their pathetic sophism changes the horror this Administration has brought upon the sons and daughters of our country. None of their bullshit changes the generational tragedy caused by Bush's war of choice.
And nothing but contempt do these Bushian apologists deserve.

Watch the slide show... and ask yourself..

Is this what America is suppose to be all about?




by Eric Blumrich

(---not work safe---)

thanx to dubhaltach for the link.