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Monday, October 31, 2005

Thinking They Are Thinking

We know these folks. We might work with them or even have them in our own family. We see them at the store or passing by us in the street. We see them on TV. We see them in the comments of this blog. - We see all of them draped in the bumper sticker flag of Bushian freedom. They are part of that 38% - the steadfast defenders of the Leader and the Party - never wavering in their support - faithfully repeating the word of the day, each and every day, day after day. Defiant of facts they repeat the repetition, sitting on conclusions without any regard to their support - simply repeating evidence-free fallacious arguments to prop up their prefabricated determinations.

We see the positions and they just don't seem to follow from the evidence or history or logic. Yet the beat goes on - persistent, ever mindful to stay the course - never surrendering - never conceding defeat - spinning any failure or defeat back upon their enemies. They march, as automatons, to the beat of a faux freedom drumroll of conformity - all the while the true sounds of liberty whither from the relentless attack upon logic and reason.

Somehow these folks, the 38%, must think differently - process information in some other way...Just how can they reach the conclusions they reach? Are they thinking at all?

In a reality based world evidence points the way to conclusions.

Philosoraptor states...

But--of course--this is not how those now in the White House think. They employ what a friend of mine calls "The Method of Inverse Criticism." The rational person inspects evidence and forms his opinions on the basis of that evidence--even if he doesn't like the opinion he is forced to accept. He who employs the MOIC inspects the conclusion first, determines whether he likes it or not, and then accepts or rejects the reasoning accordlingly. This reminds me of several people of my acquaintance who will accept any argument--no matter how patently fallacious--so long as its conclusion is 'God exists,' and who reject any argument--no matter how apparently sound--so long as its conclusion is 'God does not exist.' (I know atheists who do exactly the same thing--by which I mean exactly the opposite thing--of course.)

One is reasonable insofar as one can be moved by reasons--by evidence. But the remaining 38% of the population that does not think Bush is a terrible president is probably the 38% that simply cannot be moved by evidence on this point. I mean, what exactly are they waiting for? Laser base on the moon? Cheney stroking a white cat during the State of the Union address? The Republican Party changing its name to 'The Legion of Doom?'

What will it take?
Hazard a guess anyone?