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Friday, October 21, 2005

I never thought...

Yup, I never thought I'd agree with anything that Krauthammer ever said... but today I found myself in agreement...EEEKKK

Miers should withdraw her nomination.

Krauthammer writes in the NY Times that the Miers nomination is a bust and shouldn't have been put forward in the first place. She should withdraw herself - she's a train wreck waiting to happen.

The omens are not good. When the chairman and ranking minority member of the Judiciary Committee express bipartisan exasperation, annoyance and almost indignation at her answers to the committee's simple questionnaire, she's got trouble. This after she confused Chairman Arlen Specter about her position on Griswold , the second most famous "right to privacy" case, and seemed confused when answering ranking Democrat Patrick Leahy's question about her favorite justice.

But it gets worse: There's the off-stage stuff. John Fund reports that in a conference call of conservative leaders, two Miers confidants explicitly said that she would overturn Roe v. Wade . The subsequent denial by one of these judges that he ever said that, and the subsequent affirmation by two of the people who had heard the call that he did say so, create the nightmare scenario of subpoenaed witnesses contradicting each other under oath. We need an exit strategy from this debacle. I have it.

He wants to save face for the Repugnics and sees their only "Exit Strategy"
It'll be an issue about records. The Senate wants more documents and the White House won't give them up - executive privilege ya know... Senate Repugnics meekly concur that more are needed and with an impass created Miers can appear to rise above the politics and then as chucky says

Miers withdraws out of respect for both the Senate and the executive's prerogatives, the Senate expresses appreciation for this gracious acknowledgment of its needs and responsibilities, and the White House accepts her decision with the deepest regret and with gratitude for Miers's putting preservation of executive prerogative above personal ambition.

I'd prefer the Repugs fall on their face... but if it'll derail Miers then they can save face by witholding more documents from the Senate...
They do it all the time... and it always looks bad for the White House.