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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Still hot in here

The world's real scientists are wiping the sweat off their collective furrowed brows wondering how hot it's gotta get before Bushco wakes up and smells the scalding coffee. BushCo's pseudo scientists continue to say it's not hot in here and they point to the sky and proclaim they've got the evidence.
Well it seems that the BushCo nigglers of GlobalWarming ain't got no evidence after all.

Via Live Science
Key Argument for Global Warming Critics Evaporates

For years, skeptics of global warming have used satellite and weather balloon data to argue that climate models were wrong and that global warming isn't really happening.

Now, according to three new studies published in the journal Science, it turns out those conclusions based on satellite and weather balloon data were based on faulty analyses.

The atmosphere is indeed warming, not cooling as the data previously showed.

It's still hot in here...