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Sunday, July 24, 2005

When wheels fall off the cart

Perusing (not reading) the Dauo Report last week I took a look at the right side of my monitor. I rarely do this, as a low tolernce for stupidity brings on high blood pressure. Taking a quick look at that side of the monitor I saw their wheels falling off their crooked carts.

First off is Polipundit - "The Left did it". Pardon me but ...BAWWWWAAA....

Absolutely no way Bush would desert him, especially when the facts are starting to show Rove was [what a shock] set up by the Left."

Next John Podhoretz plays symantics .. again.

Knowing as his lawyer must have that the criminally dangerous portion of the statute being invoked requires the actual use of Plame's name, maybe Russert told the special prosecutor he didn't use the NAME."

Captian's Quarters re-defines what is 2nd in a group of 3.

Most people don't understand that "secret" is the second-lowest classification grade possible.

pardonmyenglish should really pardon their own english for the bogus description of reallity.

If the Karl Rove issue hadn't yet fizzled, it's non-existent now. Already, the Democrats have begun to rapidly shift their focus from the non-story story they and the liberal press ginned up

the daily polemic are just Idiots. The whole thing is about our National Security. ... morons ...

Since the Liberals are more concerned with what a dastardly, horrible, nasty little boy Karl Rove is than they are about uniting to combat terrorism,

Boortz channels Obrien in classic 1984 form-
"Yesterday, President Bush spoke to the media, and he was asked if he stood by his pledge to fire anyone in his administration who leaked Valerie Plame's name.... Bush's position hasn't move one bit.

And MoonBatCentral needs to get themselves some perpective as they are "laughably inconsequential"
"Let’s place the Wilson/Plame/Rove/Bush affair within the context of the threat this country faces from Islamists. Compare it to the meaning of the London bombings. Compare it to Zarqawi’s ratcheting-up of the Iraq suicide bomb campaign. When compared to the War on Islamist Terror, the Plame mess is laughably inconsequential

And the wheels come off.