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Monday, July 18, 2005

Deception playbook

Why all the panic on the Right? Why all the ridiculous arguments and stupid excuses?

This was in the comments of a Washington Monthly post a month ago. I had thought I'd lost it but now it's found. Though it was written regarding the Downing Street Memos, it applies also to the circling of the Rovian wagons.

Please understand the right in America's #1 goal is to protect their cult. They know the DSMs are real but they have to give their cultees a way to rationalize they need not deal with them. This is a simple exercise in a form of mind control.

Think I am kidding? Wish I was. Read THIS and THIS. What do you see?

You will notice the screeching has gotten worse from the right recently. This is because cults get wacky when they are exposed and confronted for they must rationalize their KNOWN LIES and DECEPTIONS. They know Team Thug are liars. But they must, MUST, find ways to ignore all the evidence that they are taking themselves and our nation to hell.

Does anyone really think Rush and O'realiy are out to tell the truth about ANYTHING? ha

Misinformation is a key element in mind control. Ever wonder why studies show that FOX viewers are not in touch with reality?

Posted by: pahoo on June 19, 2005 at 7:55 PM