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Monday, June 13, 2005

Why January 2003?

Something stuck me as odd when reading the Cabinet Office paper: Conditions for military action
Via Juan Cole

It's in number 14.

14. It is just possible that an ultimatum could be cast in terms which Saddam would reject (because he is unwilling to accept unfettered access) and which would not be regarded as unreasonable by the international community. However, failing that (or an Iraqi attack) we would be most unlikely to achieve a legal base for military action by January 2003

No not the fact that they are talking about fixing the game by asking for something that they believed would never be agreed to. But rather the last line - the last 3 words..."by January 2003"
Why January 2003? At the time this was written, July 21, 2002, there should have been no timetable to meet nor to adhere to.
If, as BushCo claims, they were trying to find a peaceful solution then why a date ?

Why was justification required by a specific month?