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Monday, May 02, 2005

Think of an Apple....

The Apple Argument.

(the short version)

Think of an Apple.
What color is it?
What shape is it?

Hmm, that’s neither the color nor the shape of the apple I thought of…Mine had a worm… mine was green and red… mine was just the core…I got a rock (oops, Peanuts... wrong story)

Why? Why didn’t we think of the same apple?

Simply because each of us as individuals, have thoughts within our own minds and not anywhere else. Sounds silly, but that’s how it is - it’s the only way things can be.

Back to the apple…

An apple is something that all of us have seen, felt, smelled, etc. It is something tangible
something we can touch. It is a thing that is very familiar, a thing we have direct knowledge of, a thing we have a common reference with. When we talk about “that apple” in our minds, it’s never like the one that someone else thinks of it simply cannot be. It exists in our “own mind” and at that moment and nowhere else.

Now Think of God.
You can keep all the religion and religious iconography that’s been injected into your lives, or you can dismiss it, it matters not for this little exercise.

Go ahead…Think of God

Do you think two people are going to think of the same exact thing?

It’s not gonna happen. It cannot.

Even if the two people have been brainwashed with the exact same information the simple fact that they are individuals makes their beliefs their own and as such their expressions of the thoughts are individual ( save for the truly brainwashed automaton whose existence is questionable).

If we can’t even think of the same thing when dealing with a common object like an apple, how can individuals have the exact same ideas about something we can’t see, nor touch - something we have no direct knowledge of … The answer is that we simple cannot.

The point is simply that Religion, belief and faith is only truly real when kept to one's self. The moment you open your mouth and start telling people what you believe and what they should believe because it’s what you believe your God believes, you have simply fallen off the apple tree.