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Monday, May 23, 2005

sense? can we make sense please...

Bushy Boy, our dear little wittless leader spoke with reporters today...At one point he was asked:

Q:And if I may ask you, Mr. President, as you know, the casualties of Iraq is again high today -- 50 more people dying. Do you think that insurgence is getting harder now to defeat militarily? Thank you.

PRESIDENT BUSH: No, I don't think so. I think they're being defeated. And that's why they continue to fight. ...

Ok... is it just me or does this make absolutely no sense at all?

Lets break it down...

If the enemy continues to fight you
then you are defeating said enemy.

Bassakword......wouldn't ya say?

shouldn't it be?

If the enemy fails to continue to fight Or the violence is subsiding
Then you may conclude that you are defeating the enemy.

Not the other way around... geez... is this PrezNit really such a Nit....

I guess the key here is that Bushy is trying to "think" and we all know that's way beyond him..."I think they're being defeated."

Yes and he also thinks God talks to him, his TownHalls are real, Karl Rove is honest and the rapture is coming real soon...