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Friday, March 04, 2005

Theory of everything - maybe...

Ever since I was introduced to string theory I have thought "now that sure has chance of explaining how it all works", but I never thought that anyone could prove it...

I may have been wrong. Physicists may have found some evidence that supports superstring theory - and that leads to one theory of everything.

Strung Up

Could two lookalike galaxies, barely a whisker apart in the night sky, herald a revolution in our understanding of fundamental physics? Some physicists believe that the two galaxies are the same - its image has been split into two, they maintain, by a "cosmic string"; a San Andreas Fault in the very fabric of space and time.

If this interpretation is correct, then CSL-1 - the name of the curious double galaxy - is the first concrete evidence for "superstring theory": the best candidate for a "theory of everything", which attempts to encapsulate all the phenomena of nature in one neat set of equations.


For those who want more info on superstring theory - info for non-scientists - take a look at