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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Schindler's List

How low will the Repugnics a go go...

NY Times - The parents of Terri Schiavo have authorized a conservative direct-mailing firm to sell a list of their financial supporters, making it likely that thousands of strangers moved by her plight will receive a steady stream of solicitations from anti-abortion and conservative groups.

Privacy experts said the sale of the list was legal and even predictable, if ghoulish.

"I think it's amusing," said Robert Gellman, a privacy and information policy consultant. "I think it's absolutely classic America. Everything is for sale in America, every type of personal information."

Pretty dammed low....

Friday, March 25, 2005


Why is their God so weak ?

If it really was God's will that Terri Schiavo live then why doesn't God just simply take care of it?

Easter is coming... the world is watching... perfect time for a miracle.

And why are all the religi-ousos appealing to Senators and Governors and Presidents...why not go right to the top? Go right to God...

But God's not doing anything is he...(dammd activist God !)

maybe he's just a ...

Disinterested God?
Ineffectual God?
Powerless God?
Maybe the Repugnics are on the wrong side, and and it's God's will that she die.


Maybe "man is the measure of all things that are and are not"

Thursday, March 24, 2005

new post

yup a new post... no content but it's a new post.

Actually I'll have some new stuff up today. The past week has been very busy...

Friday, March 11, 2005

Two Faced Feline

Just what the title says...

It's a kitten that was born with two faces on one head.

2 mouths - 2 noses - 4 eyes

they even have video of the little multi-faced kitty

now how about that for Cat Blogging Fridays....?

Friday, March 04, 2005

Theory of everything - maybe...

Ever since I was introduced to string theory I have thought "now that sure has chance of explaining how it all works", but I never thought that anyone could prove it...

I may have been wrong. Physicists may have found some evidence that supports superstring theory - and that leads to one theory of everything.

Strung Up

Could two lookalike galaxies, barely a whisker apart in the night sky, herald a revolution in our understanding of fundamental physics? Some physicists believe that the two galaxies are the same - its image has been split into two, they maintain, by a "cosmic string"; a San Andreas Fault in the very fabric of space and time.

If this interpretation is correct, then CSL-1 - the name of the curious double galaxy - is the first concrete evidence for "superstring theory": the best candidate for a "theory of everything", which attempts to encapsulate all the phenomena of nature in one neat set of equations.


For those who want more info on superstring theory - info for non-scientists - take a look at