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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

What the hell does he mean?

He says it all the time... and he said it again...

From the Washington post White House Briefing section

Asked whether he would oppose Social Security taxes on income over the current limit of $90,000, Bush left the matter open.

" 'I'm interested in good ideas. People need to come forth with good ideas. The one thing I won't do is negotiate with myself,' Bush said."

What the hell does "The one thing I won't do is negotiate with myself" really mean?

Is he saying that he's so entrenched in his own position that he refuses to look at the merits of the counter position himself?

Or did someone feed him this line and he just keeps repeating thinking it sounds "smart" and "strong"?

If it's the former then that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
If the latter, geez what a boob.

Philosophy 101 - always present the counter argument in the best light possible so one can see if the initial argument or position can stand up to the other side.

Timothy Noah of Slate took a stab at it a while back...
When Bush says someone is trying to get him to "negotiate with myself in public," which he says a lot, it has always been my understanding that he means he doesn't have to consider an argument with which he doesn't agree. Now, though, I suspect that, at least in this case, he means something more. He's saying that he doesn't have to consider reality. It isn't his job to do "this hard thing." ...

That's a little bit of help but really...
what the hell does he mean....?