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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Looking up their sleeve

The Talent Show puts BushCo's plan for social economic ruin into the proper perspective today...

Keep in mind that one of the goals of the Bush administration has been to, in the words of Grover Nordquist, "starve the beast". As free market zealots, the more they can get the government to tighten its belt (and send that work to their buddies in the private sector), the closer they get to their utopian vision of capitalism completely free of government influence. If you think back to when Bush was elected though, there's one little problem : the budget was balanced and we had a surplus. Needless to say, it's hard to convince the public that we need to close the homeless shelters and let the environment fend for itself when we've got extra money.

Simple, just trash the economy ...

Just like it's hard to convince a healthy person to go on a diet, the Bushies were fully aware that simple math and common sense would make Americans averse to shrinking social services. So what do they do? They put the government on a four year spending binge. Tax cuts for the rich, handouts to religious groups, giveaways to the pharmaceutical industry, etc... Is it any wonder why Bush never vetoed any bills? The more they waste money, the quicker they can move onto their real goal.

Furthmore they have even set things in motion to trash the economy and social structure of the future.

So...How long till BushCo begins to sell off parts of the Divided States as well?

Up for sale to the highest MegaWorldwideCorporateCompany bid ... The great Soon to be Former State of Massachusetts...