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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Crapola that doesn't exist

1. Terrorist Threat
-------- - Right here right now there is no immediate terrorist threat ( unless you are in Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and a various other countries around this little blue ball we shit in) - there are acts of terrorism and there are terrorists (remember who said this?)- but look around ya, go outside, there is no terrorist threat. Notice that we haven't had a "terror" alert since Bushy got Elected....hmmm...Does it make ya think just a little bit? Maybe they have hyped up the threat a bit, just a iddie bit.

2. Liberal Elites
-------- Lets be real people - the elites in America are the Rich White Repugnics...They have Grey hair and wear suits... many are buddies with Bushy... some even belong to BushCo...

3. Liberal Media
-------- Who? Air America? Keith Olbermann? John Stewart?
What? - you mean CBS and ABC and NBC and all the cable news except FAux and all the Newspapers except a few like the Washington Times and that kind of thing? Don't ya think that's just a bit paranoid? "eek they are ..are all out to gets us with ,,eek Facts"

4. Gay Agenda
-------- So how does Gay Marriage actually affect me and my wife? Oh right, we have to go to more weddings and buy more wedding gifts - plus we'd have to buy new clothes cause these weddings would be spiffy... But that's not a down side...think of all the jobs we are helping - from the cashier at the Target (who surely doesn't make enough to pay the bills) where we buy the toaster - to the CEO of Sears who made great profit on that Blender we needed to get ( they registered for it.)

5. Social Security Crisis
-------- ah hmm... You are gonna do what? You got to be kidding me... Gamble my future in the market? ROTFLMAO ... It's called "Social Security " for Roosevelt's sake... ( I would have used Christ but those religious folk might have got offended and well truth be told Christ had been dead for years when Social Security was started...)

6. Assault on American Values
-------- Sure I agree we have one but it's the Conswervative Religoiusly wRight that are assaulting American values. Just today I beleive that I heard some Conswervative Talk Show shill ( I believe her name was tami brown or some such thing) say that she wanted the good ole USA to have "Soldiers that enjoyed killing the enemy". She was defending that General that likes his job a bit too much... I realize we want tough soldiers but...geez guys, killing should never be "fun" it may be necessary , but it shouldn't be fun.