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Monday, December 27, 2004

-- Vacation Break --

I'm taking a vacation from da bogging during da Holidays.
But thought I'd take a vacation break today...

Over the past week or so I had thought of putting up a post about the so called "attack on Christmas" but didn't , so here is one from the Talent Show....

Thought of posting a link to the Real Story of Christmas, but didn't.

I was going to post a little thing about some other stuff...but didn't and am still not posting it...

Made a real conscious effort to avoid thinking or hearing about anything regarding the Grand Monkey in Chief...Almost succeded but I couldn't avoid this...and this too.

Today we see that mother nature doesn't fool around...

hmm,,reminds me I gotta go out before it rains...
Ok, time to vacate this space and avoid the news for a while longer...

Friday, December 10, 2004

It's Fundamental to the Animal

So why do we humans have this ever re-occurring reach toward Fundamentalism?

Hullabaloo points us to an article that looks into this question.

A study on Fundamentalism of all types finds them to be nearly identical in form

From 1988 to 1993, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences sponsored an interdisciplinary study known as The Fundamentalism Project, the largest such study ever done. More than 100 scholars from all over the world took part, reporting on every imaginable kind of fundamentalism. And what they discovered was that the agenda of all fundamentalist movements in the world is virtually identical, regardless of religion or culture.

It figures - as I'd say the basic reason behind all moves toward Funamentalism are a reaction to fear in some form or another. Fear appears to be central to religion - fear of the unkown - fear of death - fear of others - religions try to quell these fears. Rigid rules create a sense of security whereas the more open and liberal society might be seen to create a sense of chaos and insecurity to those who have a deep need to have natural fear subside. The more open and liberal, the more fear the fearful will have and thus a slip to the fundemental.

The Article take a just bit of a different spin on it, but the point still seems the same.
The only way all fundamentalisms can have the same agenda is if the agenda preceded all the religions. And it did. Fundamentalist behaviors are familiar because we've all seen them so many times. These men are acting the role of “alpha males” who define the boundaries of their group's territory and the norms and behaviors that define members of their in-group. These are the behaviors of territorial species in which males are stronger than females. In biological terms, these are the characteristic behaviors of sexually dimorphous territorial animals. Males set and enforce the rules, females obey the males and raise the children; there is a clear separation between the in-group and the out-group. The in-group is protected; outsiders are expelled or fought.

It is easier to account for this set of behavioral biases as part of the common evolutionary heritage of our species than to argue that it is simply a monumental coincidence that the social and behavioral agendas of all fundamentalisms and fascisms are essentially identical.

What conservatives are conserving is the biological default setting of our species, which has strong family resemblances to the default setting of thousands of other species. This means that when fundamentalists say they are obeying the word of God, they have severely understated the authority for their position. The real authority behind this behavioral scheme is millions of years older than all the religions and all the gods there have ever been. It is the picture of life that gave birth to most of the gods as its projected champions.

Fundamentalism is absolutely natural, ancient, powerful—and inadequate. It's a means of structuring relationships that evolved when we lived in troops of 150 or less. But in the modern world, it's completely incapable of the nuance or flexibility needed to structure humane societies.

Survival...fundamental to the animal. - the Human Animal

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

DUBYA The Movie

This is a must see Movie Trailer...

Dubya The Movie

Thanx to the Liberal Avenger for the link...