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Sunday, November 21, 2004

What you don't see...

So did ya hear that congress passed a new OmniAss spending bill on Saturday?

Yup, HR 4818 and low and behold, inside the Bill all kinds of really great stuff got tacked on...

Like the Istook Amendment in which the Appropriations Committee would have access to taxpayers' tax returns. TPM has much more on this little Freedom Swipe here

And the purchase of a Yacht for Big Bonzo was included in the OmniAss Bill.

Oh and also a neatly paper-clipped bit - the Abortion clause.

But my favorite was something that I can see on the hill over yonder...

Mt. Soledad icon is slipped in federal legislation

Congress last night joined the fight to keep the Mount Soledad cross in place by naming it a national veterans memorial.

The designation, inserted by two local congressmen in a voluminous spending bill that requires President Bush's approval, raises more questions about the fate of the symbol that has been at the center of an emotional 15-year legal battle.

Christian activists hailed the development yesterday. Civil libertarians, however, said it would not stop a plan to move the cross from city land in La Jolla to comply with a federal court injunction that has been on hold since 1991.

the best quote of the article is from atheist Philip Paulson
Jihad Jesus Republicans need to understand that the separation of church and state has kept this country from getting into religious wars," Paulson said. " ... If God was powerful, there would not be a need for the government to go in and force a religious agenda on nonbelieving citizens."

So simple really...