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Thursday, November 04, 2004

It's Dark in Here

Picking up the pieces in the dark is... as the (gulp) President once said is "Harrd Worrk"...

So, what happened?
Simple really...

BushCo mobilized the Terror-Frightened Gay-Hating God-Fearing folk to get out and Vote.

It was plain and simple...

The New York Times' Garry Wills puts it as follows in The Day the Enlightenment Went Out:

"This election confirms the brilliance of Karl Rove as a political strategist. He calculated that the religious conservatives, if they could be turned out, would be the deciding factor. The success of the plan was registered not only in the presidential results but also in all 11 of the state votes to ban same-sex marriage. Mr. Rove understands what surveys have shown, that many more Americans believe in the Virgin Birth than in Darwin's theory of evolution.
This might be called Bryan's revenge for the Scopes trial of 1925, in which William Jennings Bryan's fundamentalist assault on the concept of evolution was discredited. Disillusionment with that decision led many evangelicals to withdraw from direct engagement in politics. But they came roaring back into the arena out of anger at other court decisions - on prayer in school, abortion, protection of the flag and, now, gay marriage. Mr. Rove felt that the appeal to this large bloc was worth getting President Bush to endorse a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage (though he had opposed it earlier)."
Now Bush says he has earned "political capital"
"I earned capital ... political capital," ... "and now I intend to spend it."
It's clear this is "God Given" capital as it comes from the 4 million or so Terror-Frightened Gay-Hating God-Fearing voters that BushCo turned out at the polls to swing the swing states - It's these folks, who now, sure as shit, are gonna get paid back for their efforts.

That's bad news for us - those trying to live in a reality based a healing of the country is gonna be more like them telling us to heal.

Can anyone say "New Fascist Theocracy"...