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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

If you come in 3rd... Sue - Sue - Sue.....

Ok we had an election for Mayor. We had 2 white rich Repugnics and a write-in Democratic councilwoman-surf-shop owner Donna Frye.

It appeared that Frye got more votes than either of the Repugnic's...The write-ins were ahead. And when they started to count the write -in's the 3rd place Repugnic - Ron Roberts' crew led by his guy John Howard (evil Repugnic Laywer) sued saying Frye should never have been allowed on the balot becasue "write-ins" are not allowed. 3rd place Ron lost - so the write-ins were counted.
But the only write-in's that would count were ones that the Full Name "Donna Frye" was written AND the little bubble was colored in. So the League of Women Voters went to court to get All the "Donna Frye" without the Bubble counted. They lost.

So the "offically valid" votes had finnaly been counted

And with the votes counted it looked like Repugnic Dick Murphy would get to being Mayor and continue to run the city into the ground...

But wait,,,3rd placer Ronnie Robber wasn't done... they had appealed the first court loss and then today,,,
Court Stops San Diego Mayor Certicfication

SAN DIEGO (AP) -- A state appeals court on Tuesday stopped the county registrar from certifying results of San Diego's mayoral election, hours before the deadline.

California's 4th District Court of Appeal in Santa Ana ruled in a lawsuit that seeks a new runoff election between the top two finishers in the primary - incumbent Dick Murphy and San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts, both Republicans.

The court did not explain its decision and tentatively scheduled a hearing Friday.

The suit alleges that the city violated its own charter by allowing a write-in candidate - maverick Democratic councilwoman and surf-shop owner Donna Frye - to run for mayor in the Nov. 2 general election.

The lawsuit, filed by San Diego attorney John Howard, may determine the outcome of the mayor's race. In November, Murphy received 34.5 percent of the vote, Frye got 34 percent and Roberts had 31 percent. The county registrar had planned to certify the results Tuesday, six days before the mayor takes office.

And the Local San Diego view on this...
Appeals court puts mayoral election certification on hold

Something else about this heard on KLSD (Stacy Taylor Show) this morning... the 3rd place Ronnie camp is claiming that there was a conspiracy between Murphy, Frye, the City Attorney and some other folks ( ya know folks like the ones at the Olive Garden...)and they all worked in cahoots to keep Ronnie Robbers out of office..

So we wait as the Repugnics fight it out...