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Thursday, October 07, 2004

You have got to be kidding me !

Ok, so we need to be safer right? We need to protect our airports and public buildings right? Even the far right wing would concede that right?

Not so fast there cowboy - you need to back up a bit. In Washington DC the far right gun nuts have decided for us that we don't need no stinking protection, we'll just protect ourselves.

As FarrFeed points out:

"Bring Your Guns to the Airport, It's Now LEGAL in D.C.
Yes, after Dec. 1, you can legally carry a loaded pistol or your favorite Bowie knife on the grounds and parking lots of Reagan National and Dulles International Airports in the nation's capitol. I am not making this up, read the Washington Post story."
The Story from the Post notes
Before yesterday's action, the authority barred anyone from carrying what it defined as dangerous weapons -- including firearms, knives with blades longer than four inches, bows and arrows and even sandbags -- from all airport property. That covered parking garages, access roads and several highways near Dulles, including parts of the Dulles Toll Road, Route 28 and the Dulles Greenway.

Gun rights groups said the rules at area airports are still too restrictive. Philip Van Cleave president of the Virginia Citizens' Defense League, ... said people should be able to carry their guns into the terminals.
Man this just makes my head hurt.
The lack of common sense is staggering.