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Friday, October 29, 2004

yes, there were Kaboomers - The jig is up

We still don't know where the missing Kaboomers went. We do know that BushCo has come up with several spins. And all their bull has been flushed like the crap it is...The jig is up.

A couple of the ever-changing explainations are - "the weapons weren't there ever" - "Saddam's guys did it before we got there" - "The Russians took em before we got there" - and my Favorite:

"No matter how you try to blame it on the president, the actual responsibility for it really would be for the troops that were there. Did they search carefully enough - didn't they search carefully enough?'' Rudy Guiliani
Great thinking on your feet,Rudy, blame the troops really? Can you say "foot in mouth" or is "head up ass" better? any case it's more of the POT KETTLE BLACK tactic- Standard BushCo MO

But Now -- The jig is up...
The world of BushCo Un-reallity is falling apart - QaQaa is messy and they (well schooled in chucking it) should now how is stains... 3 days spinning furiously and now the jig may be up. From Talking Points Memo we find KaboomerGate has reached -
Game Set Match
Arron Brown: Let me ask you then, David, the question I asked Jamie. In regard to the dispute about whether that stuff was there when the Americans arrived, is it game, set, match? Is that part of the argument now over?

David Kay: Well, at least with regard to this one bunker, and the film shows one seal, one bunker, one group of soldiers going through, and there were others there that were sealed. With this one, I think it is game, set, and match. There was HMX, RDX in there. The seal was broken. And quite frankly, to me the most frightening thing is not only was the seal broken, lock broken, but the soldiers left after opening it up. I mean, to rephrase the so-called pottery barn rule. If you open an arms bunker, you own it. You have to provide security.

Well BushCo - still gonna try and weasel out of this?

I think I hear a very large woman clearing her throat.