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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Terror Alerts? Really?

It figures, after months of terror alerts regarding the disruption of our election process, today we find out that the Gov-Ment doesn't have/ didn't have any evidence that attacks were gonna happen. It appears to have been speculation.

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) : U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials say they have found no direct evidence of plans for an election-related terror attack after a five-week investigation, the Washington Post reported in its Saturday edition.

Citing unnamed officials in an article on the newspaper's Web site, the Post said a key CIA source who claimed knowledge of such plans has since been discredited, casting doubt on earlier pieces of evidence pointing to an attack.

That earlier information led the FBI and other agencies across the government to launch a well-publicized campaign aimed at foiling potential plots before the elections. That effort included hundreds of interviews in immigrant neighborhoods, the paper wrote. "

We gotta remember that our Intelligence got it wrong before - so it's a no brainer that we are going to get hit again sometime ... but geez can we really trust the Gov-Ment to give us the straight scoop on the "when"?

I think not.
The Terror Alerts have become tools for that "tool" Bushy's re-eletion.