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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Sunday Brain Squeezer

This this bit of TV trivia is really hard to wrap your head around but once you get it, it's completly staggering. Via Atrios

As explained by August J. Pollak

My head just exploded

I absolutely love things like this. Brace yourself, this one's a bit complicated.

Okay, so there was once this medical drama on TV called St. Elsewhere. It was before my time, but I know of it; probably a lot of you know what I'm talking about. The series, to much controversy, ended its final episode by revealing that the entire series- the characters, the story, everything- was in fact the dream of a dying autsitic child named Tommy Westphall.

A strange concept in itself, but wait- this just gets better.

This website has started tracking an interesting "gimmick" of television- crossovers. For example, a character on one show appears not just as the same actor, but actually the same character. Like, say, Michael Richards as Kramer appearing on an episode of Mad About You. It's a gimmick, but it also suggests, logically, that Mad About You and Seinfeld exist in the same "universe" of story continuity.


So this website, by means of a Kevin-Bacon-style relationship of crossovers, has logically linked one hundred and sixty-two television series as existing in the same universe of continuity... and therefore are all the creation of the autistic Tommy Westphall.

In other words, in a very subtle, but logically solid way, Tom Fontana has technically implied that over 160 television shows are complete figments of one of his own characters' imagination.