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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Sinclair Affair

Seems like every blog has this story so I wasn't going to post anythng regarding it but I appear to be duty bound to spread the word to those who may not have heard.

As such I'll point you to Hardball's David Shuster first to get the jist of the story and what I'd say is the basic "hey this is not news" argument.

Sinclair's sin

Imagine if the CBS television network pre-empted '60 Minutes' this Sunday and broadcast Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11.' Many of you might be thrilled. But many of you would be disgusted and outraged, calling it a deliberate, misleading, and unfair ploy to impact the presidential election at the very end.

The Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. isn't CBS. But Sinclair does own 62 television stations, including 35 affiliated with the major broadcast networks. (20 Fox stations, 8 ABC, 4 NBC, and 3 CBS.) And Sinclair is ordering all of its stations to pre-empt regular programming and run, as early as this weekend, a partisan documentary about John Kerry titled 'Stolen Honor.'

The film attacks Kerry for his anti-war activism after he returned home from Vietnam more than 35 years ago. Mark Hyman, a spokesman for Sinclair, says "the documentary is just part of a special news event that we're putting together." Actually, it's not a news event. The film was released, (and picked apart) at a press conference five weeks ago.

David always trys hard to be objective and ya gotta give him a lot of credit for that.

Some of my colleagues have made an issue out of Sinclair's partisan history. 97 percent of their political contributions have gone to Republicans, they sent a team to Iraq to find the "good news" the rest of the media wasn't reporting, and etc.

But my issue with Sinclair is in regards to this film... and Sinclair's intention to run the film "as is." Without a major overhaul, this film should be rejected... and it has to do with journalism's requirement that you "get the facts right."
Since he won't give it to ya, here is the etc. and some more here and yes more here and even more with suggestions for action

and from Kos the Sinclair clearing house

I agree that we have to take action, Sinclair is despicable.

but something doesn't smell right.

I'm just not sure if Rove wants us to make a big stink or not over this. Was he counting on this uproar? Sure seems like it. How could anyone not expect it. It sure gives the film publicity and the story takes up a couple news cycles right before the debate. Heck, with the correct massaging it could be a big deal right up till election day.

But why would Rove have orchestrated this to come out the day before the debate? If you wanted to keep the story alive for a few days or a week , you certainly don't cause a big stink the day before the news cycle will naturally turn to the debates. Maybe Bushco has sent the minions "mexed missages,,,mixed messages" and they screwed up the timing something fierce. Or maybe we're still missing a piece to this October surprise puzzle.