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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Olbermann - round-by-round

Keith scores the Veep debate round by round - blow by blow:

"Round one: Cheney receives about the Paul Bremer and Donald Rumsfeld comments. Cheney deflects by saying thank you. Unexpected. Cheney dodges, mentions 9/11,starts to tell the entire history of terror, uses terror or terrorists eight times. Uses Nexus - minus one point. Edwards cordially punches Cheney right in the Baghdad, you are not being straight with the American people. One point to Edwards."...

"Round fourteen: Cheney receives. Trial lawyers - is Cheney saying Edwards is part of the problem? Nice banter with Ifill. Warm laughter. Point to Cheney. Cheney brings up OB-GYN’s. Oh no! Not another “practice their love”? Cheney doesn’t slip on wet spot left by Bush faux pas. Doesn’t attack lawyers, defends doctors. Point to Cheney. "

And a scoring update by Olbermann due to a technical foul by Cheney.