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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Monkey takes crap on Rules of Discourse

Manipulating and distorting pretty much everything that Camp Kerry says is the standard method of operation for BushCo.

Like spinning "Nuisance"
or my favorite spin
"The Global Test"

Philosoraptor takes on the "Global Test" with a decent respect to the opinions of mankind and has the best and simplest explanation of how BushCo just rips apart the natural order of discourse.

The Global Test
John Kerry, Game-Theoretical Semantics and Thomas Jefferson, Liberal Weenie

" The well-known rule of discourse (reflected in game-theoretical semantics) is that if Person A says something vague or ambiguous and Person B doesn't understand it, then Person B is free to ask for clarification but it is Person A's right/responsibility to do the clarifying, not Person B's.

So, for example, if you ask me who I was on the phone with and I say nobody, you could, if you were so inclined, ask me whether I meant that (a) I was on the phone with someone whose identity I didn't care to disclose or that (b) I wasn't on the phone with anyone at all (that is, that I was just talking to a dead line). But you would not get to choose one of these interpretations for yourself. And you surely are not entitled to arbitrarily choose one interpretation and then go around telling people that's what I meant."

That is, if I say something that is unclear, then it's my right/responsibility to explain what I mean. You do not get to choose the worst or weirdest interpretation and then claim that that's what I said/meant. As Peirce points out, all human communication this side of pure number theory is rife with vagueness. We live with it all the time, it's essential for communicating about most things, and we all when we are being civil to each other know how to deal with it: we ask utterers to clarify their utterances.
It amazes me that some %45 of Americans can't see this or don't care that they are being manipulated by the Not So Swift Little Monkey.

As we all know it's clear that BushCo is dependent on WORDS - Spinning the Words that is.