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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Monkey Stays on Tree Thanx To Serious Meds...

(live Monkey blogging)

Monkey appears to be on Happy Drugs... His eyes are twinkling...

Monkey chuckles and lies about not saying he wasn't worried about Osama
(Dammed Double negatives)

“I don’t think I ever said I’m not worried about Osama Bin Laden. It’s kind of one of those… ex-agg-er-ations.”

“I truly am not that concerned about him. I know he is on the run.” March 2002 (video)
A Monkey Pox question... monkey scratches his butt, stumbles but recovers with the help of a small sharp stick. Then Monkey purrs: We relied on England - not my fault, errrr but Canada (you mean that 3rd world country right ?) is working with us to provide drugs.....

errr, Rove whispers, "Die as we want you to, you misguided puppets."

Monkey reaches deep into to his ass and with a smile starts throwing shit.

Paygo Paygo: The Island that Monkey came from, right?

Detailed budget bomb?

The Monkey Hunter Smacks Monkey Down.

Being lectured by the president on fiscal responsibility is a little bit like Tony Soprano talking to me about law and order in this country.
Snap - Smack Pow,, The Crowd cheers..then Facts begin flying....

Fact Fact. Fact,,Monkey Saying EEKK EEEKK-- Fact TACT FACT

Then Monkey squawks "Let me Talk to the workers" you Got money in your pockets...

From the outside a roar builds and the workers scream back

The Hunter Pulls out some more FACTS FACTS FACTS FATCS......
Pow ,, MOnkey interrupts and slings some crap about and yells


wow MOnkey is on message but monkey is starting to lose it.

Questioned about Gayness and Monkey squirms - We like em BUT,,,, No GAY marrige. Just then POP his handers hand comes out of his ass.

Then makes Perfect sense about not discriminating. Smack

I'll take SIN for 100 alex...
The Hunter easily pushes off the branch of SIN

MOnkey starts chucking about aborted babies and we on this side of the cage are a bit sick of this little peice of crap throwing shithead.
Then with a pissy Chimpy smirk he says we need
Suck Don't Fuck programs?.....Total Anti Sex league ?
Another Question for Monkey,,,,

Question : Health care cost - why so high Monkey?

yada yada dyad dboya po lain neit git git la la poo...
technology....not my fault...
buggy and horse days,,,? mexxed missages

The Hunter punches the chimp with bagful O'FACTS

The Monkey jumps, tail caught under his foot, OOO wants to... to.. to... ok got it.. Bash the Hunter about his Record but the Hunter Slaps back with More FACTS - Monkey is WRONG....

Happy drugs seem to be wearing off Monkey...

Stumbles as he almost pisses on the Media,,,, ooops,,,,,,
"In all due respect, I‘m not so sure it‘s credible to quote leading news organizations about—oh, never mind."
Canada Sucks, Bad health Care,,
The Hunter Hits him in the Vetrans Administration,
The Monkey is stunned but still on the tree,,,,

MOnkey - Says BOO to the old ladies on the Bench,,and then sprays at their kids,,,

Monkey starts yapping about im imigration bla bla bla,,,,,, ZZZZZZ ,,,,,,
Huh,, wake up,,,,, Monkey still looks calm,, stupid but calm,,
Monkey is asked:
what about the minimum Wage? - Answers about Education.
Stupid Monkey

Is a stick up his butt? Straight and Tall MOnkey.. Smile,, you are the Presnit remember...

MOnkey says " We have unleashed the armies of compassion"
And let loose the bombs of peace. Then he shits his pants with glee, the warmest flowing over his godless body...

The spectators are shocked when the Hunter compliments Monkey who then puts his head to one side and thinks he might be hearing voices again.

Monkey's biggest disappointment - working, work, talk, issue, continue to continue, divided in 2000 pretty divided we are in a period --OBGYN's? naw...

Heh heh,, heh goes the Monkey heh heh,,
Question: What about your Mate, what does she say to ya?
Monkey shrugs and says:
I gotta Stand up Straight and not scowl, heh heh he heh,,,
then MOnkey tries to tell a story - I lie to laura just like I lie to everybody. He gets gushy about good ole laura...ah,,,ignorance is bliss....Jungle Love you're Driving me crazy , crazy crazy,,,

With grace and skill the Hunter steps up and silences the silly song, explaining to the little Monkey that both of us/them married UP ,,, Monkey looks mad,,doesn't like that at all. He is Big Monkey of the house God Dammit!

The End is near...Thankgod cuz this post is f'ing long.
The Hunter approaches the crowd and speaks:
This country is F'ing split, I can Fix it. We can make things better. I can do better than a MOnkey. Geez anyone can - the past four years have been a bloody train-wreck.

Still on his Happy Drugs Monkey is super mellow, it's a mellow mood...
Monkey speaks : In my cage we have a picture, It reminds me of a story - he breaks into Song...
Sunrise, Sunset
Sunrise, Sunset
Swift Boats Ply Your Fears
One season following Bin Laden,
Then off to Iraq La la La

What words of wisdom can I give them?
La la la la labla bla bla...

The cage fills with Boos and the crowd starts throwing the Monkey's Crap right back At him.

Stupid Sad little retarded MOnkey