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Friday, October 01, 2004

Monkey falls off tree - stupid monkey

Bush got his clock cleaned and don't let anyone tell ya different.

Last night Monkey looked afraid, and unsure, lost and unprepared. BushCo looked scared when monkey fell out of his tree. After the thumping, Karen Hughes was sweating hard trying to say Monkey won - impossible task when your monkey is picking his butt and eating his own shit. The other monkey handlers were equally, if not more unsure, squirming and totally unaware what to say. They concluded it would be best to spin the beating as a tie.

Tie my ass, Kerry kick the bananas out of Bush.

Republican Joe Scarborough from MSNBC put it most truthfully when he swallowed his pride and said to a young misguided Bush supporter "Kerry won".

From our side, the best live quote lastnight, Aaron Mcgruder, cartoonist of "THE BOONDOCKS". He was interviewed by Aaron Brown on CNN and Mcgruder flat out called a spade a spade saying basically, why don't people just admit that Bush is stupid.

MCGRUDER:You know, what bothers me about shows like this, and all the news shows, after Bush talks I hear all these smart people completely ignoring the elephant in the room. And the elephant in the room, which nobody wants to say, is that Bush is not a smart man. He can't articulate well. He doesn't speak in complete sentences.

BROWN: Well...

MCGRUDER: And everyone just ignores it, like that's OK.

BROWN: OK. So...

MCGRUDER: But he's really dumb.

BROWN: OK. That's a different thing. Let's say he is not articulate. And I think they would concede he's not the most articulate guy on the planet. It doesn't mean he doesn't have convictions. It doesn't mean he believes in some things. It doesn't necessarily mean he's wrong. It just means he can't express himself.

MCGRUDER: But beliefs don't mean anything if you're stupid. And not only that, but he -- it's almost as though he's talking to the dumbest segment of society, whereas Kerry...

BROWN: Aaron, don't you think that's an incredibly arrogant way to look at the world?

MCGRUDER: It's -- you know, it's real, you know? It's just that nobody is saying the obvious, which is the man is not smart and he's the president.

BROWN: I wouldn't say that...

MCGRUDER: Everybody knows it, but nobody is saying it.

Classic, just classic. Brown just sat there, like his monkey just got knocked of the tree again.