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Monday, October 11, 2004

Monday Grabby Baggy

Sid's Fishbowl: "Miserable Failure' - a new video "

God is pissed at Florida, really.

and some more on the Chimp Whisperer from Hullabaloo

The New York Times - Magazine Kerry's Undeclared War:

"The camera captures Congressional aides and visitors, clearly distraught and holding onto one another, streaming down the back steps of the Capitol building in near panic, following the bellowed instructions of anxious police. Off to one side of the screen, there is Kerry, alone, his long legs carrying him calmly down the steps, his neck craning toward the sky, as if he were watching a gathering rainstorm. His face and demeanor appear unworried.

Dreading Scott - He wasn't aborted
The Washington Monthly: "DRED SCOTT EXPLAINED....Huh?
'Dred Scott' is code for 'Roe v. Wade'? That flew right over this blue-stater's head, but it does explain one of the more bizarro aspects of last night's debate.
Damn. It's really hard to keep up with these guys."