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Friday, October 08, 2004

MBSNBC emulates Faux

MSNBC today jumped into the fray and joined the ranks of the Fake News providers.
Oliver Willis catches them red handed.

YellaDog rounds up the past weeks Real News outlets ventures into Fake News.

The Talent Show has some comments on this too.

What is going on here?

UPDATE - Pointed out in the comments at the Talent Show, the number 300,000 is the Sum of the 2 previous months numbers plus this last months numbers. But as Greg points out the number is still wrong. It should be no more than 282,000 jobs.

Even with this being the case the Headline is misleading.
"300,000 New Jobs"
This is unaceptable on the day when the jobs report comes out.

This smacks of the same misleading manipulation of information that BushCo tries to pull on every issue. Cite a fact but put in within a context that is not appropriate to the facts.

The headline should have read
"92,000 New Jobs this month - 282,000 over last 3 months"

Could we have some Rovian Hackers testing the systems for Nov 2?
Yes but this one doesn't seem to be one of these attempts.

This is just a partisan manipulation of the headlines.