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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Iran. Wrong War , Wrong Time.

Update Oct 15th.
Ok, I did some more digging and have found that is an Anti Semitic Disinformation clearing house.
as disinfopedia says

The Barnes Report is an anti-Semitic web site whose primary propaganda goal is disparagement of Jews and denial that the Nazi Holocaust ever occurred.
I must apologize for even posting anything from these idiots- even as a look at the far side.. I got snookered, But for posterity's sake I've left the post up but have struck thru the now known bullshit.


The super
far left Lunatic disinformation Nazi's at TBR news brings us the

Voice of the White House ( link Removed )

These are comments from an alleged reporter assigned to the White House press corps who suppossedly emails tbrnews from time to time. It's all pretty far out there and hard to take as fact but it's fun to take a look now and then.

“...We are about to embark on another war! Yes, it has been decided and carefully planned. Who are we going to war with? Iran.

The U.S. has no troops available for an Iranian adventure and the Israelis would rather not lose any warm bodies so…it has been firmly decided that both Israel and the U.S. will launch a surprise attack against 1., Iranian missile sites, 2. Iranian nuclear facilities and 3. the leadership of Iran located in and around Tehran. How will this be done? By aircraft attack using U.S. developed “smart bombs” and the so-called “bunker-buster” bombs designed to destroy underground reinforced concrete facilities .We just sent these to Israel. Because of the political ramifications, the Israelis will conduct the main strikes, supported by U.S. aircraft as needed.
This attack has the full support of the President who wants it launched before the elections. He can then make a speech to the American people stating that the evil Iranian nuclear weaponry has been destroyed by the Israelis with the full cooperation of his government as part of his heroic war against terrorists. Believe me, that speech has already been written and I have seen a copy of it. The brass here feels that this will have a tremendous impact on the American people, just before the elections.... The brass is literally rubbing it’s hands and drooling over what they see as Bush’s Final Victory....a negative report copy from someone in the Pentagon [who is not going to get promoted] that says if the Iranians get wind of this little game, they might strike first and they might also realize that large numbers of vulnerable American troops are concentrated inside Iraqi cities, prime targets for a nuclear tactical attack. (October 10, 2004)
Ok, that's F'ing scary. But it's a super far left Total Bullshit site so we can discount it, right?. UPDATED :YES We wouldn't find anything from respectable media that might allude to this, would we?

continued here with real news

Hmm, from Newsweek we find

War-Gaming the Mullahs
The U.S. weighs the price of a pre-emptive strike

... Iran is among the president's "Axis of Evil." Israel, which has long regarded Iran as a more dire threat than Iraq, is making thinly veiled threats of a unilateral pre-emptive attack, like its 1981 airstrike against Iraq's Osirak nuclear reactor. "If the state decides that a military solution is required, then the military has to provide a solution," said Israel's new Air Force chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Elyezer Shkedy, in a newspaper interview last week. "For obvious reasons," he added, "we aren't going to speak of specifics." U.S. defense experts doubt that Israel can pull it off. Iran's facilities (which it insists are for peaceful purposes) are at the far edge of combat range for Israel's aircraft; They're also widely dispersed and, in many cases, deep underground.

But America certainly could do it—and has given the idea some serious thought. "The U.S. capability to make a mess of Iran's nuclear infrastructure is formidable," says veteran Mideast analyst Geoffrey Kemp. "The question is, what then?" NEWSWEEK has learned that the CIA and DIA have war-gamed the likely consequences of a U.S. pre-emptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. No one liked the outcome. As an Air Force source tells it, "The war games were unsuccessful at preventing the conflict from escalating." -- Sept. 27 issue

What about a Far Right Newspaper like the Washington Times?
Well Martin Sieff UPI Senior News Analyst has a commentary.

Iran's war threat is very real - (United Press International)
"...Full-scale war between the United States and Iran may be far closer than the American public might imagine. "

For Iranian Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani Wednesday warned frankly and openly that if his military commanders believed the United States was serious about attacking his country to destroy its nuclear power facility at Bushehr, or to topple its Islamic theocratic form of government, they would not sit back passively and wait for the U.S. armed forces to strike the first blow, as President Saddam Hussein in neighboring Iraq did in March 2003. They would strike first.
" (Charles) Krauthammer advocated in his July 23 column: to use the new, "strong fortress" of pro-American Iraq as the launch point to destabilize and topple the Islamic Republic of Iran"
"In reality, however, Iraq is anything but a 'strong fortress.' The embattled U.S. troops there are hunkered down, on the defensive, an undermanned, over-stretched, over-worked exhausted force isolated in a nation that has almost universally rejected them and about which they were deceived and given no adequate preparation whatsoever.

Indeed, if a full-scale war broke out with Iran, the United States might even have to send in hundreds of thousands of more troops to relieve and rescue its current over-extended force in Iraq, or go nuclear, or implement both extreme options in order to prevent current U.S. forces there from being cut off and even possibly over-run.

Shamkhani Wednesday made clear that this possibility had already occurred to his own military planners in Tehran. 'The U.S. military presence will not become an element of strength at our expense,' he said. 'The opposite is true because their forces would turn into a hostage.'

Shamkhani also made very clear that his country would regard any pre-emptive strike against the Bushehr reactor as a casus belli: sufficient cause to unleash full-scale, unrestricted war against the United States. 'We will consider any strike against our nuclear installations as an attack on Iran as a whole and we will retaliate with all our strength,' he said." --- Aug. 19 (UPI)
Ok, before you get your panties in a bunch or ya start to stock up on food, water and lest we not forget Duct tape, take a look at the dates (which I put at the end of each article clipping).

You might just say the "White House reporter" simply reads the Washington Times and Newsweek and has a vivid imagination. OR is a disinformation asshole.

But the reality is that "someone" up in the high reaches of the BushCo tower is certainly playing with the Idea of a Pre-emptive attack on Iran. We all know what happens when they get an Idea about something...

Now where is that "Duct Tape"?