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Friday, October 08, 2004

Grrr Mad Monkey - Bedtime for Bonzo

Grrr...Monkey is Mad...

He's chucking Shit everywhere. Grrr...Angry Monkey... At least the monkey handlers nailed his tail to the tree this time. Red monkey eyes ablaze - he's bouncing off the walls. His shrill petulant screech rings in the ears of the viewers.

The crowd around the cage is stepping back a bit - it's getting a bit dirty.

The Monkey Hunter is sharp and on the attack - easily fending off the ever increasing gobs of flying poo...With a Whip and Smack here and there Monkey begins to calm down - he even scratches his ass with a stick.

Then, outta nowhere, he waves his arms and starts throwing more crap. This time he charges right at the Tour Guide. This isn't gonna stand.

The Monkey Hunter smacks him with a wet newspaper and Monkey scurries to the corner and sits in a pool of blood and oil.

Someone in the crowd asks Monkey to justify himself - simply name 3 mistakes.
"Just Three" comes a grand satirical roar from the crowd...

Monkey screams "GRR ARGG roaaoor ooopa bla" - which in "Idiot" means "Hey I never made any mistakes"

The Monkey Hunter shoves the little smirky chimps face in the MOnkey-made mess, all the whilst calmly repremanding the silly Monkey for making those stupid nonsense sounds.

Viewing time is coming to a close - it's Monkey's Bedtime -

Bedtime for Bonzo...

The Monkey Hunter comes away clean and explains that the monkey we have just seen here is the rare Neo Two Wild Ill-Faced Tweasel Con Monkey

- We shouldn't let him scare us, Monkey just needs to be replaced - he is ill, mad they say. Our Cage Needs Cleaning and this Monkey is not the one who will carry the water.

Monkey's turn. he swings up to the bars, Flag wrapped around his shit covered body, screeching and pleading to stay on view.

if he'd only he could the sign on the bars that says

"exhibit closing Nov 3rd - limited viewing only until January 2005"

Poor Stupid Monkey.