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Friday, October 15, 2004

Clever headline goes here

I got no headline, but I have a few pointers to a few good points.

First, remember when the Genesis space craft smashed into the desert a few weeks back? Well it may have been just human stupidity.
From the AP:

"Backward Drawings May Have Doomed Genesis :
Associated Press Writer
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The NASA spacecraft that smashed into the Utah desert last month while bringing home fragile samples of the sun may have been doomed by engineering drawings that had been done backwards, an investigating board said Friday.
Because of the backward drawings, the switches that were supposed to detect Genesis' re-entry into Earth's atmosphere and trigger its parachutes were placed incorrectly, said Michael G. Ryschkewitsch, chairman of the Mishap Investigation Board."
Geez guys how many times has this been? At least they didn't measure in Metric units again.


Bill O'liarlly is in a heap O stinking trouble. Hmm... where to point you to on this one. Smoking Gun? hmm... Johnny Nobody?...hmm...a good read always at Olbermann's Bloggerman with The Falafel Factor or for The O'Sexxxy Factor go here.


Blogitics found this regarding our homeland security
People with links to terrorists have been turned away at U.S. borders every single day since the attacks of September 2001, Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge says.

There isn't a day that goes by - literally - where a couple of people aren't turned away at our borders because they are associated in some manner, shape or form with terrorist or terrorist-related organizations, he said."
Let me get this straight.
Big Bushy is Strong on Terror, but everyday he lets people ESCAPE who have terrrorist ties?

EveryDay since 911?

Before that they got student visa’s and flying lessons - Ridge must see this as step up.

Ya think Tommy mexxed the missage a bit here?