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Monday, October 11, 2004

Chimp Whisper - The Conclusion

The "The Shuster commission" gets to the bottom of Chimp Whispserer Gate

After a weekend of reading about it on the web, and hearing my very own relatives discuss it... this afternoon I conducted a 'formal investigation' into the mysterious box that appeared in the middle of President Bush's back during the first presidential debate. 'The Shuster commission' considered this story with an open mind... 'The commission' (comprised of 'me, myself, and I') was open to the possibility the President 'was wired electronically or otherwise'... but also open to the claim that the photos were 'a hoax.' The Shuster commission report has three sections. (1) Methods; (2) Results; (3) Conclusions"

And the conclusion
The image of a "mysterious box" or "form bunching up" under the President's suit jacket was...

Just go read it here.