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Thursday, September 23, 2004

When Sophists rule the day

Via Mr. Mark A R Kleiman
I think one of his readers hits the nail on the head regarding the average voter but totally misses with the panicky democratic stuff. "The Dems are in panic mode" is simply a manufactured little piece of republican manure.

The voter is rationally ignorant. He or she is not going to spend time digging into policy details, considering potential budget models, etc. What does this voter see? The economy isn't fabulous, but it isn't terrible. Maybe there will be environmental problems, maybe not, but at this point, there isn't anything in front of his or her face. Newsweek might say that Iraq is a disaster, but I don't see it: maybe it's just tough. I'm not comfortable with it; we probably made a mistake, but it's not clear what we do now. Besides--in Vietnam, we were losing 2,000 soldiers A MONTH. We were told that Reagan's deficits would kill us, but they didn't: every economist has some model. I'm not real satisfied with the way things are going, but things could definitely be worse, and it's tough out there. 9/11 taught us that.
BushCo knows this voter well and is playing right to them.

Sophists rule the day and Socrates is spinning in his grave.