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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Softball with O'Reilly

Bush did an interview with that paragon of total crap Bill O'Reilly during which this exchange occured

O'REILLY: But can they vote when people are being blown up...

BUSH : Yes.

O'REILLY: ... and these guys are threatening them?

BUSH: That's when you're supposed to vote. You've got to stand tough with these terrorists. You cannot allow the terrorists to dictate whether or not a society can be free or not.
"That's when you're supposed to vote." In what rose colored world? Surely you jest.

Certainly you can't let terrorist dictate your freedom, but you have to have some security and stability to have elections.

By Bush's logic, our elections in Nov will go forward no matter what. Even if the "terrorist ditate" "comes in the form of a mushroom cloud".

Maybe I'm taking it a bit too far, but saying "That's when you're suppose to vote" as people are getting blown up, beheaded and terrorized on a daily basis is just... well... only one word for it ... stupid.

Maybe in a country where you've had elections before you *might* be able to get away with having elections in a War Zone. But for a country's first National election you need the entire country voting, relative calm and some very strong security. The voters need to feel safe - if not their votes are affected and the election is a sham.

How about just one or two days without people being blown up or bombed or shot or beheaded etc... eh?

Just maybe one day?