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Monday, September 20, 2004

RoveOBall or Party at Karl's

After CBS was hoodwinked by the lure of such fine chum, the media et al are taking the Rovian bait hook line and sinker.

Rather is caving and by doing so is putting a cloud over all major media. CBS, Dan Rather and 60 minutes the grandfather of investigative reporting is in the gutter now - not to be believed. Good Job Karl.

Hey, if ya can't believe CBS then how can you believe any of the them. Good Job Karl.

So the feeding frenzy begins. News organizations need to cover their asses and go after this story so they won't be lumped into the "untrusted" category that CBS is being placed in. Good luck guys.
ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and FOX are all scrambling to eat CBS. Good Job Karl.

Could CBS really do anything else but cave? If the docs are fakes but the info is real, how do ya sell that?

Good job Karl, no fingerprints and you have re-enforced the myth that the media is out to get Georgie and the Republicans. I'd say it's going right according to plan.

It's simply really, very clever and truly evil.
Creating the Docs in this "true yet false" way allows you to easily use Burkett to get your nemesis Rather and 60 minutes which gets CBS as a whole and in turn stains the media as a whole. Furthermore using Burkett you get to link to Cleland which you leads to the DNC which stains Mr. Kerry which ensures a BushCo re-election.

If, for example, I wanted to kill a story about Bushy Boy's Guard service the most effective way would be to kill the messenger. Keep the information true but make a document with some technical errors and have that Doc presented by an iffy source. In doing so the main issue shifts from the facts to the messenger - Is the messenger to be believed? If not, then the facts, any and all facts, are suspect.

Here's how you put it together: You know that Burkett hates Bush but Burkett knows that Bushy's records were scrubbed, however no one believes him. So you create some documents that contain the truth but have technical errors. You, through several levels, get these Docs to your stooge, this being Burkett. Your stooge will see the facts on Docs and believe the them to be true. And why wouldn't he, he knows the facts and the facts are true. He won't see the technical problems with the Docs. he'll think he's really got something so he'll try and pass them on (remember our stooge hates Bush) to either the campaign or a Major News organization - either way you win because they are going to come to the surface. Before the Docs come out, you, through several levels, alert certain folks (Plants) who share your agenda that something is coming out soon that has serious technical problems. So they wait and pounce as soon as the Docs come out. When CBS sends the Docs over to the White House you don't contest the Docs because you know the facts are correct. You make no statement or a very short statement like "We are not challenging the documents authenticity"
- plausible deniability .

Keeping the information close to truth is the key to this deniability.
Your well placed Plants will now post on the internet with a review of the technical problems of the Docs. This will snowball and the focus of the discussion will change.

At this point the Media will feed upon itself and the facts will never be questioned because the Docs will always be the focus. Once they are found to be false, then Rather and CBS will be the focus - next their sources and then the DNC and finally Kerry can be indirectly tied to the whole mess. Good Job Karl.

This is typical of BushCo - they do this on a daily basis - for Rove this is his Method of Operation.