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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Privatize Me

It now appears clear to me - Bush's position that is -

BushCo stands for privatized Social Security-- privatized Medicare -- privatized Federal Jobs -- privatized national park workers -- privatized Amtrak -- privatizing the NIH -- The privatization of the interrogation of prisoners and a myriad of other items he wants or has put into private hands.

Looking back at the BushCo record we see that this administration can't handle the public's finances - Big Deficit - outsourcing - Tax give backs - trade problems...Etc.

See the connection?

Simple eh? Bush realizes that he and his crew are incompetent and unable to handle the countries money so he'll simply let the people handle it themselves. This takes the responsibility off the Government - thus blame can continue to be avoided - furthermore it creates great business opportunities for the rich and powerful - you know, Bush's base.

Get it now?