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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Playground Politics

BushCo has taken the entire country to a new low of playground politics.
What the hell happened to compassion and those other phrases they always throw about. They've called people names, thrown sand, pulled hair, pushed and shoved, and even hit. Then, still screaming their heads off, they turn around and say they never did any of it.

Typical 2nd grader.

Dear-Author has the perfect talking point - counter attacks to counter all this 2nd grade attacks BushCo and the rest of the RepubliPlayGrounders are spouting.

John Stewart once put it to Cheney a bit nicer

"Mr. Vice President, I have to inform you: You're pants are on fire."

June 21, 2004 program.
But those were more innocent days.

Btw, Where the hell are the teachers anyhow?

(daily show clip brought to you by this great archive of Daily Show Comedy Clips)