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Thursday, September 02, 2004

He swings and...

Looking real good in his outfit he swings and with good form connects with the ball. Back Back back Baaaaaaaaack, to the track and it's caught. Sit down Bush yer out!

But it was a hit, wasn't it? He slammed it out the the park, didn't he?

Didn't he?

No, not much to it, really. Sure, he looked good and he behaved like an adult. And yes, at times he almost looked like an elected President. However, his plan for the future includes little reality, really.

For Jobs we get:
Restraining Government spending
      (like the last 4 years, right tell me another)
Reduced Government regulation
      (This benefits who? It's the rich stupid.)
Making Tax relief permanent
      (see the one above)
Making country less depended on foreign sources of energy
      (it's not alternative energy is it? tell the truth we get to drill right?)
Expand trade

For the Tax code we get
Closing Special interest loopholes
      (which ones?)
Extra time - we waste lots of time on taxes
      (ok,less time, hurrah, stupid, just plain stupid)
      (what does this mean? Do we have an Anti-growth system and what is that?)
Bipartisan effort to simplify the tax code
      (Fat chance after this Smear Cam-pain)

For Poor People
      (who are these folks? He keeps mentioning them but doesn't say who these poor are. Do they let the poor into his rallys)
Double the job training program
     (Goodie double the poor program he already gave us)
Community colleges get money
      (How much? from where?)

For "American Opportunity Zones”
      ( the poor places )
tax relief and other incentives to attract new business
      (business from rich folk)
improve housing
      (how, with what,and who is doing this?)
job training to bring hope
      (how about training folks to get a JOB, not hope)

For Heath Care we get:
Sm. businesses join together to buy insurance like the big Corps do.
      ( at what rates? from who?)
Tax credit for health savings accounts
      (Buy your own insurance Take it with you when you go cuz you are gonna change jobs)
Every poor county gets a community or rural health center.
      ( you mean they don't have one yet, What the hell are we barbarians)
Medical liability reform now OBGYN’s can’t practice anymore –
      (The trial lawyers did it right? )
Doctors and patients make decisions not bureaucrats
      (Abortion Too? )

For Education we get:
Funding high schools early intervention programs to help students at risk
      (Why not just really fund the entire system?)
Focus on math and science
      ( duh, really?)
Raise performance
      ( how?)
Expanding Pell grants for low and middle income families
      (Gee thanx. It took 4 years to think of this?)

Nice swing Mr Bush but,

Yerrr Out!