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Friday, September 17, 2004


So BushCo hasn't agreed to the debates yet. The Kerry folks have agreed to all four.

Sen. John Kerry's campaign agreed in August to the all venues, dates and moderators proposed by the commission, but President Bush's campaign has not said whether it will agree.
Let me get this straight, The Non-Partisan The Commission on Presidential Debates has to negotiate with the candidates. What? They should schedule debates and if the candidates don't show up, tough luck for the candidate. The Talent Show has more on this.

Call the Commission on Presidential Debates at PHONE: (202) 872-1020
and tell them to have four debates regardless of what BushCo wants.

We are the people - We are the ones in charge - these politicians work for us. They need to answer our questions when and where the people decide they will - not when and how they wish to.