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Saturday, September 18, 2004

CBS Docu Drama or Rove O Doc

The CBS DocuDrama Continues and the whole thing stinks to high heaven. This entire escapade looks like a complete setup. First the memo's themselves, then the BuckHead rapid response with the supercrapscript typing mess.
Now, via an email sent to an online list, we find someone confessing to sending the documents to Max Cleland.

Here's the real questions: Who really sent the Email? Who just now, at this particular time, remembered this Private mailing list had this particular post? Why isn't email fully quoted in the story? Why only scattered words in quotes. Why didn't AP publish the entire email ?

This is a key part of the article.

The retired Guard official, Bill Burkett, said in an Aug. 21 e-mail to a list of Texas Democrats that after getting through "seven layers of bureaucratic kids" in the Democrat's campaign, he talked with former Georgia Sen. Max Cleland about information that would counter criticism of Kerry's Vietnam War service. The Associated Press obtained a copy of the e-mail Saturday.

"I asked if they wanted to counterattack or ride this to ground and outlast it, not spending any money. (Cleland) said counterattack. So I gave them the information to do it with," Burkett wrote.

Burkett, who lives just outside of Abilene, wrote that no one at the Kerry campaign called him back. The e-mail was distributed to a Yahoo list of Texas Democrats. The site, which had about 570 members Saturday, is not affiliated with the state party.
Did Bill Burkett really send the email? He's not saying he did or didn't send the mail.

Burkett, who identifies himself as a Democrat, did not return several phone messages left by The Associated Press over the past week. There was no answer at his telephone number Saturday.

Burkett's lawyer, David Van Os, a Democratic candidate for the Texas Supreme Court, issued a statement this week saying Burkett "no longer trusts any possible outcome of speaking to the press on any issue regarding George W. Bush."

The email could have been sent by anyone - this is the Internet, way to easy to forge an email and totally untraceable - just ask any service provider. Remember those emails you got replying to an email that you never sent?

My money is with Burkett not sending them. And It appears from Burkett's Lawyer that he's done talking. So until he speaks up about it I'm just gonna to have to believe it was a setup.

What ?

You Bet. It's way too clean and the timing is just too sweet. This *Smacks* of Classic Karl Rove - reminds one of his 2000 hit "whoops where's my video" or his other classic hit "bug in my office" .
"Docu-Drama" tries to crush Kerry, Rather, CBS, Cleland, and the Dems as a whole in one crappy shot.
The problem that pisses me off is we have no real evidence to tie this crap to Rove.


I'll bet more money we are yet to see at least 2 more dirty tricks from Rove before November.

note: Thanx to: Johnny Nobody for the pointer to the AP story