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Thursday, September 02, 2004

BushCo pre game

He's gotta hit one outta the park tonight. It's gotta be a specific plan for the future of this country. With specifics on the economy, jobs, healthcare, education and how he will handle this countries mounting debt. has a light preview of Shrub's coronation speech tonight.
I particularly like these interesting stats

Interesting stat: since the Republican convention arrived in New York, the New York Yankees experienced the worst loss in their history, the Mets haven't won a game, and Florida, which is run by Jeb Bush,is facing down a second hurricane. Someone here has shut God's ears, and I have a feeling his surrogates are handing out elephant penis heads, as did the Galatians in accordance with the Pauline epistle.

Maybe this Hatefest is not having the desired effect?

Will GirlieWomanBush change the tone of this 4 day festival of doublethink and greet us with flowers and chocolates?
Will he scare the living hell outta us like everyone else has been trying to do at the Hatefest?

AP pre-speech Pre-article was like a NewSpeak article.

President Bush, a wartime leader in a tight race, was to vow victory over terrorism ...To millions anxious over their economic security, Bush was to say, "government must take your side" by offering a path to greater opportunity. In a return to the rhetoric of compassionate conservatism that marked his 2000 election campaign

There's the wind-up and the pitch - GWB swings and ..........