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Friday, September 24, 2004

Bad Dog Karl

Bad Dog Karl

BuzzFash had an article by James C. Moore, Co-Author of "Bush's Brain" a few days back that I wanted to post. He Speculates about Karl Rove and the memo's.

If Burkett is suspect, though, so is Karl Rove. Admittedly, this is a five-cushion bank shot if it does involve Rove. But such things are no longer considered impossible when looking at his political machinations. Every campaign he runs seems to have well-timed distractions. In 2000, just before his inarticulate client was to debate Al Gore, a tape of Mr. Bush's training ended
up in the Gore campaign's mailbox. Reporters wrote about this discovery and overwhelmed issues and debate coverage with the unraveling mystery. An employee of Mark McKinnon, Bush's media expert, was later implicated in the scandal but nobody ever proved Rove wasn't pulling strings. Of course, it was strictly coincidental when Rove's office was found bugged in 1986, the day of a critical debate between another one of his inarticulate candidates and an incumbent governor. That mystery overwhelmed debate coverage and implicated the democratic opponent. I remember standing with other reporters outside of Rove's building after his news conference to announce the revelation he was bugged. We all laughed about how amateurish it all appeared. And then we realized he had us because we had to report it straight; not the way we perceived the facts. When the FBI file was finally made public, it showed the bug on Rove's wall had a battery with a life span of only six hours and just 15 minutes of it had been expended. Rove did it. But there are probably too many people who would have had to have been in on the fraud for him to make phony documents surface in CBS's hands.
Too many people only if it was meant for CBS exclusively. Did it have to be CBS? Couldn't have that just been a bonus? Wouldn't it have been sufficient to simply have them surface anywhere?