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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Why No Numbers?

Can't find the swift boat vets book? How come?

It very well may be the suppliers are creating their very own shortage.

Its publisher, Regnery Publishing Inc., won't have more books available until later this week, and that order also will not be able to meet demand,
Barnes & Noble CEO Steve Riggio said in a release.
Riggio said Barnes & Noble has no political agenda.
"The fact is Regnery has not been able to keep up with customer demand for this title," he said. "Further, the publisher cut our original order for the book in half. We've been put in the
difficult position of having to defend ourselves over a title we can't seem to get enough copies of from the publisher."

Classic way to create a fake shortage, and totally guarantee a news story about the lack of availability.
Notice that we see no numbers in the story. If I ship 5 books and 6 people want them then I have shortage. Just keep the supply less than the demand and the story will have legs....8 creepy hairy legs