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Friday, August 13, 2004

Test Them both Now

We test our children in school to see what they know. We test them again and again to gauge where they are at and what they retain. We continue to give more complex tests to see how they think and how they express themselves. In Short, we test and test and test. Even after schoool many jobs require a kind of test for hire.

With that said, I have a question.

Why don't we test the knowledge our Presidential Candidates?

These guys are suppose to be smart enough to think on their feet, be clear with their positions and ideas, and be able to make decisions, so why not a little test?

It should be required. An Essay test. Each Man gets a pen, a blue book, and the test questions. They complete the test BY THEMSELVES < ALONE in a room > WITHOUT ANY HELP.

Let the media create the test. General policy questions, requiring complex answers. But with questions that won't require either right or wrong answers but would allow the men to articulate their positions and arguments on the main issues regarding the US and the world.

Would the candidates do it? Don't know....
Should they be required to do it? Heck yeah...

It's really simple, let's see what THEY know, not what their "people" know, but the candidates themselves, thinking on their feet, by themselves.

If someone can't do an essay test on what they claim to be experts at, then they have no place being the President.