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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Ignorance is Strength in 2004

We have already been fed and have simply swallowed the first two of the Party slogans.

War is Peace: We know have a Perpetual war against Terrorism. A War that can't end because the enemies will keep changing. In this case we don't fight a single or multiple enemy, but rather an obscure idea that can include anyone who is not with us. As this is the case, and as it is the case that we now will wage preemptive War to keep us safe, we can continue this War ad infinitum.

Freedom is Slavery: With the Patriot Act we give up Freedom because we simply must do so to protect ourselves from those who wish to "take it from us". As such, the "freedom" we protect is what enslaves us - It is the thing that we need to regulate and control so we can be safe.

Now with the 527 / smear boat ad issue we reach the 3rd pillar of Big Brother.

Ignorance is Strength: BushCo to take legal action against ALL 527 groups - clearly attempting to limit speech. Then on the other face they say they are out defending free speach - hmm wanting to have it both ways much ? - classic Doublethink. In essence BushCo is saying only government controlled speech will be allowed in the political process cuz the other kind of speech is all doubleplusungood. As such, individual opinion is silenced. Sure this takes care of the false and negative admakers but it also muzzles legitimate groups (on all sides) who wish to present statements of documented fact. We, the public, get less but more controlled information and according to BushCo this is doubleplusgood because it makes the process stronger. So, less information gives us stronger opinions and beliefs - Ignorance is Strength.

Everyone belly up to the table and open wide, the 3rd course is on the way.